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January 21, 2021



1091 Cambridge Sq. D

Alpharetta, GA 30009


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What our Clients have said


Tiffany and Mike G.

Loyal clients for 4+ years

Mychaela has been preparing our taxes since 2011. When we first came to her, our taxes were in disarray and we were in debt a few thousand dollars with the IRS. We explained our situation to Mychaela who assured us that she could take care of everything and offer us peace of mind. We walked away debt free and were able to receive a small refund after we were told by two other preparers that receiving a refund for the current year would be impossible. Thanks Mychaela!


Carlo H.


Premier Tax and Financial Solutions is the best. They really took the time to make sure all my tax needs were met and not only that, they even made arrangements to have me picked up for my appointment. Talk about above and beyond! I look forward to being a client for years to come.


Greg C.

Small Business owner

The staff at PTFS will deliver. They ask all the right questions to make sure nothing is left untouched and they also provide you with refreshments as you wait. Great customer service.

terrance a

Terrance A.

Grad Student

I met Mychaela in 2013 after receiving one of her fliers. I had initially made an appointment with another tax professional but was skeptical about their services and level of professionalism. So in turn, I contacted Mychaela and explained my situation to her and we scheduled an appointment for me to come into the office. I must say I was pleased with her professionalism, knowledge and dedication as well as the warm and inviting smile that I was greeted with upon entering the office. I walked away with a nice refund too. The staff at PTFS are definitely the ones to see.

Becky Allen

Rebecca Allen

Rebecca’s Catering and Amazing Events

Premier Tax and Financial Solutions in Alpharetta did a risk assessment of potential future needs and how we could plan for those eventualities. Premier Tax and Financial Solutions not only gets the numbers right and on time—they’ve implemented a process that works from their clients’ point of view, which saves us time and moneyThey bring a wealth of knowledge as well as a personal touch so often missing from the larger institutions.

S. Smith

Stacey Smith

Owner, GraphizRUs Ltd

We are delighted with where our finances are to date and would recommend Premier Tax and Financial Solutions  to anyone seeking tax planning. They are a pleasure to deal with, and above all will provide you with a tailor made solution. PTFS has been very helpful in getting my bookkeeping processes set-up. The staff is very flexible and have been able to provide me with the exact support that I need.