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Premier Tax and Financial Solutions is proud to announce some new and exciting changes you’ll want to know about in 2017.

With identity theft on the rise and the ever-growing security concerns, we want you to know how important your safety is to us here at Premier Tax & Financial Solutions. To better serve you we are delighted to offer you a secure way of sharing your income tax information with us.  Through our new Client Portal,  you will be able to securely upload all of your tax files and documents needed to start on your file. This frees up hours of work so we can better focus on taking care of you. Rest assured in knowing that all information is always protected with the highest integrity by tough, industry- standard security measures.

To assist you in gathering information for your 2016 Tax Return for the best refund possible our handy Tax Organizer now available.  Please review the entire packet and answer any questions that apply.  Complete this packet and upload to your Client Portal  or bring all supporting documents, including W-2 and 1099 statements, to your tax-preparation appointment.

Getting Prepared: Preparation is half the battle. Before you sit down to start your taxes, follow our tips for a stress-free tax filing season:

  • Gather Your Records in Advance — Don’t start your return until you have all the necessary documents and information, which includes:
    • Paperwork — Collect all employment and income statements, such as Form W-2s, Form 1099s , and Schedule K-1s, along with receipts.
    • Social Security or Tax Identification Numbers — Have numbers for everyone listed on your return. (Be sure to bring in all supporting documents for you, your spouse, and all dependents.)
      1. Renewal Reminder for Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINS) (How we can help you?)
      2. (En Español)
  • Birth Certificates for everyone; not required but highly recommended.
  • Medical and School Records for dependents and medical bills
  • Proof of Healthcare The Health Care Reform Law requires all individuals and families to obtain and provide proof of health insurance coverage . Without it, you may incur tax penalties. Use to obtain copies of your 1095-A and instructions to help you fill out the form. If you received healthcare via Marketplace Exchange, you will have to provide a 1095-A before e-filing your return; if not, your return will be rejected. Click here for information regarding your 1095-A. 
  • Bank Routing Numbers — Keep these on hand if you want to get your refund through direct deposit

Look at This Year’s Changes — Don’t be caught by surprise. Organize and Gather your documents. Schedule an appointment; let us do the work. We compiled a list of tax changes for 2016. See article titled “Delayed Refunds? How the PATH ACT Affects You in 2017

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