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The next few steps will help us tremendously in saving time during our appointment. Waiting for these documents at the time of our appointment can cause a delay which will interfere with your appointment running over, but others running late as well. We would like to make sure that our time is being invested wisely.

Follow the steps below. Please note, if you haven’t followed all the steps, we won’t be able to do your return at the time specified. You will have to reschedule. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

The First Step...

The First Step is to fill out the Engagement Form. This outlines the services rendered during our appointment. Just sign and hit submit.

The Second Step

Fill out the intake form and hit submit. There is nothing to sign. Fill out BOTH forms if you’re self-employed. If not, just fill out the intake form.

For Self Employed and Independent Contractors

Third Step...

Before you make your appointment, upload everything that will be needed to process your tax returns. Once you’ve compiled everything, upload it to our Secure Client Portal.

If you haven't made your appointment yet, do so now...

Set your appointment. Allow a 48hr window from the time you completed all the steps.

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