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Huge, Same-Day Cash Advances!

As you already know, tax refunds may be delayed due to the PATH Act. At Premier Tax and Financial Solutions, you can still get a same day, cash advance for up to $1,200 starting as early as January 23rd!

Need more cash? Our Platinum Rewards Program puts money in your pocket.

We’ll pay you just for referring people you already know. Ask about our group discounts.

5 Referrals gets you a cold hard $200

10 Referrals get you a whopping $500


Get 82 chances to win! Whoa!

Everyday throughout tax season, we are drawing the name of one random person to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. There are 82 days between the start and the end of tax season so you have 82 chances to win. Enter here by going to and enter promo code GA005. We will post the winner from our Facebook Page everyday.

Stay tuned as we give away more prizes and more cash. Tokens of our appreciation for being a Premier Tax and Financial Solutions client.